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James Michael Barry

Castle Rock, Colorado 80108

Cell (303) 956-8835  or open up a PDF here: James Barry Resume 11-2016


A results driven innovator in Software As A Service applications, Open Source and overall using the Internet as a service delivery medium.

Experienced with startups to Fortune 500 companies at delivering Cloud applications quickly and at scale. From large companies like IBM & ADP to startups like CollabNet and ResNova, I have delivered product direction for 12 new Software as a Service (SaaS) products to the market. These products include an early commercial http server (1994), an early commercial websites with over 1 million online orders (1996), IBM’s first Java Application Server (1998), 2 multi-tenant enterprise SaaS products with 1 million + users from 40k companies (2002-2003), and a 12 million SKU ecommerce site (2010), Aggregating 100’s of API’s product (2014).

Specialties: Building and motivating a large disbursed team with a variety of reporting relationships – direct and indirect to achieve high quality product delivery, building successful offshore teams, multi-site software development management, rebuilding a data center, introducing high reliability and measurability in applications, identifying and integrating acquisition companies, melding technology teams and product managers into business driven delivery teams, ability to deliver projects on time. Open Source Projects like Jabber (XMPP) & Subversion and building new Blockchain models.


Duly Inc.           CEO                            January 2015 – Current

A consulting company of startup founders and online marketing professionals. Helping our clients grow top-line revenue through Growth Hacking using Agile Marketing / Analytics + Testing / Coding and Automations. Our sophisticated online analytics optimizations leads to strategic insights that lead to constant high revenue growth. Clients range from existing high growth product companies to well funded startups making their push online. After consulting with Duly over the past several years, I assumed the leadership role this year.

The Level Market – Built a two sided transaction marketplace. Managed all software development and product management for initial beta. Now the advising CTO for this humanitarian aid company.

Lens – advisor for this open patent data company which is part of Cambia a leading non-profit.

IoTas– Advisory board for the company revolutionizing the managed residential market with IoT infrastructure.

Hyprloco – Built RT location aware personalization framework architecture with CTO and product roadmap with the CEO.


US CTO and US Operations                                     Seattle, WA                     August 2016– October 2016         

Worked on setting up and hiring a US based team and headquarters for a new venture backed Australian company to US based location in Seattle, Washington. Company has decided to stay in Australia for the foreseeable future.


Developer Ecosystem Executive and Silicon Valley City Leader San Francisco, CA July 2015–August 2016    

Led 12 person IBM ecosystem team promoting to Startups, VC’s, Universities & Accelerators in Silicon Valley. Focused on Blockchain and Cognitive Computing as the lead development tools for new generation applications by building concepts, POC’s & demos.

  • Progressed over $15 million in IBM sales opportunities in first half of 2016
  • Brought in over 120 startups into the IBM ecosystem in 2015
  • Managed IBM presence in dozens of hackathons – public and private – as well as 70+ meetups and conferences


Cloud Elements   Cloud Elements  

VP Customer Success and Operations   Denver, CO                                  November 2013 – January 2015

Built the services and operations teams for a cutting edge API connection Cloud based startup. Managing all aspects of after the sale to our customers including ensuring the requirements are correct for the customer. In addition built teams to onboard all clients, 24 by 7 support, dev-ops, website operations, internal systems, release management and product documentation.   Cloud Elements is a cloud-to-cloud integration service that uses a “one-to-many” approach to connect an application with entire categories (e.g., CRM, Documents, Marketing Automation, Finance) of services through a single API, while managing all endpoint API changes for our clients.

  • Hired and created Support and Customer Success teams and process to onboard clients growing 400% in 1 year.
  • Created comprehensive online documentation for product and re-created and managed entire Website.
  • Built high availability, tight application security and monitoring as well as managed implementation in AWS.
  • Closed and implemented the two largest accounts at Cloud Elements for over $3.3 million per year in ARR
  • Active with CEO in raising a successful $3 million Series A round.
  • A technical advisor from January 2013 thru December 2013 for Cloud Elements prior to joining the company.

HySpecIQ   HySpecIQ

CTO   Denver, CO                                                                                             April 2013 – October 2013

Worked with team of engineers, scientists and equity partners to fund a satellite based hyperspectral information services company that would create petabytes of big data per year. The company was moved to Washington DC where commitments by government agencies and Boeing allowed it to be launched.

   IQNAvigator  IQNavigator

SVP Product Strategy and Development   Centennial, CO                                       June 2011 – April 2013

Managed a 92 person Product Management and Software development organization for a $50 million Software As A Service Company, growing platform usage 35% annually. IQNavigator’s SaaS manages over $14 billion in temporary services and SOW’s as a software as a service for Global 1000 companies, delivering service to 120 countries, fully localized in 30 countries. Accomplished several firsts in company including the first architecture team, monthly agile releases, multiyear feature roadmap and cross functional governance group for prioritizing features and future product direction.

  • Design and delivered Developer Portal for Partners, Clients and Third Party firms to integrate with IQNavigator
  • Built Web Services and Framework to deliver 250+ new integrations in IQN global 1000 clients backend systems
  • Delivered first interactive Business Intelligence dashboard based on Jasper BI Suite and Fusion Charts.
  • Transitioned architecture from 3 tier to an n tier Web Services horizontal stack using ServiceMix ESB
  • Selected an outsourcing partner for feature development and built team out to cover growth
  • Replaced Solaris with Linux, added workflow, search and reporting tools replacing home grown tools. 

  Partsearch Technology (Acquired by Best Buy)  Partsearch

Chief Information Officer   New York, New York                                       January 2008 – December 2010

Managed team of 54 employees in all aspects of company technical and data operations as well as custom software. Built a transactional multi tenant 12 million SKU interactive online part commerce engine used by: warranty and service companies; B2C ecommerce stores; multiple private label E-commerce sites as well as Web Services to the client base of 42 retailers and large service clients throughout the US. Partsearch shipped over 1 million packages, added 500,000 new customers a year and performed over 600 million part searches every year, with over 1.5 million unique visitors to its sites every month.

  • Launched the Company’s first B2B SaaS multi tenant application, first Web Services platform and rebuilt the high volume e-commerce web hosting platform used by 17 large retailers.
  • Condensed 58 applications to 12 and introduced multi tenancy to all applications.
  • Embedded Partsearch ordering via Web Services in partner companies proprietary applications increasing sales 50%
  • Replaced search engine and search user interface on retail site increasing sales 60% YOY a $30 million
  • Enhanced ordering rules and part sourcing engine which resulting in $2 million + in annual cost savings
  • Overhauled the technical infrastructure, including dropping downtime over 90% and increasing response time by over 75% in first 90 days, put phone ordering application info as voice driven option on 800# to reduce call costs
  • New infrastructure led back to back double digit sales growth from $60 million to $81 million in sales.
  • Instituted Agile Development Environment, relocated corporate data center, introduced new database taxonomy
  • Moved a in house C++ software infrastructure to a Java based Open Source infrastructure including Jboss Application Server, SOLR Search, Hibernate, ServiceMix ESB and others.

ADP     ADP – Employer Services  Roseland, New Jersey                                             April 2002 – January 2008

Sr. VP Application Development, Payroll and HR Front End Applications    August 2003 – January 2008

Management of full lifecycle of products that produce over $2 billion in ADP sales. Products range from newly introduced thin client front end, with fast growth of features; to mature thick client front end application development. Directly managed a $32 million budget. Managing a direct reporting team composing of 252 developers, architects, testers and analysts and project managers in NJ, Atlanta, India and Brazil along with a matrixed team of over 300 employees.

  • Senior executive running a joint development project between SAP and ADP with a 7 figure development budget across development teams on three continents between the two companies.
  • Directed new Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) serving as the foundation of next generation architecture for hosted input applications within ADP and external vendors to tie their applications to ADP apps.
  • Drove delivery, strategy and specifications on Payroll and HR products both hosted and client server based
  • Rebuilt a SaaS product with features and reliability that drove sales from $25 million to over $1 billion in 5 years.
  • Built new high HR management system across three business units, in 12 months to deployment with multi-tenancy.
  • Increased reliability ASP hosted products from 10’s of outages/month to 99.99 % uptime, while reducing hosting costs over 75% per hosted client.
  • Focused on integration of existing products into hosted solutions that service over 100,000 companies and have 100’s of thousands of users servicing 35,0000,000 + employees
  • Managed both Java 2EE based and .Net applications connecting to a variety of ADP legacy systems.
  • Introduced project management structure and development methodology that speeds delivery and reduces errors.

ADP    ADP – Employer Services  Roseland, New Jersey     

VP Application Development, Internet Applications                                              April 2002 – August 2003

Managed a team focused on building Internet enabled products enabling ADP to reach the employee users of their products for the first time. Managed a matrixed budget of $15 million. Oversaw a portfolio of six software projects with over $70 million in sales generated from the products.

  • Introduced 4 new products to market in first 14 months after coming to ADP.
  • Managed the growth and scalability of the first ADP product to have 1,000,000 end users.
  • Directed from inception to delivery, the 2nd ADP product with 1,000,000 end users.
  • Built direct teams from 14 to 40 in addition to a matrixed team with over 100 additional employees.
  • Increased top line revenue by $10 million + with initial releases of new products.

Cisco   Jabber (Acquired by Cisco)

Interim Chief Technical Officer   Denver, Colorado                                       December 2001 – April 2002

After advising Jabber for 18 months, acted as its interim CTO during a funding stage. Developed with the executive team a new business plan for an XML based messaging system including an instant messaging product.   Responsible for getting company protocols XMPP submitted to major standards bodies and accepted by the standard organizations.

Jabber Advisory Board Member                                                                                 April 2000 – December 2001

Collabnet   Collabnet

Vice President, Products & Strategy & FounderSan Francisco, California    December 1999 –Dec. 2001

Founding executive of an Application Service Provider startup that offers a set of collaborative programs for managing all phases of software lifecycle from requirements to code versioning and bug tracking. Built company strategy for turning Open Source development techniques into a repeatable collaborative software development lifecycle methodology.  Turned the original two page product vision into an enterprise ready Internet hosted product suited for sale to the Global 2000 companies. Managed teams from inception to 35 people. Worked throughout all aspects of the company.

  • Created and presented company’s business plan with CEO and Founder and raised $35 million in Series A money.
  • Created revenue stream in first year of over $2 million from a supporting product extracted from the original vision.
  • Company executive responsible for closing major accounts such as HP, IBM and Motorola
  • Created and hired several groups inside company, including product management, support and consulting services.
  • Built and managed team that created visionary outlook technical specifications and for the SourceCast product.
  • Pursued and closed on strategic acquisitions of one company in 2001.

IBM   IBM                                                                                                                 March 1997- November 1999

Senior Product Manager WebSphere – IBM Software Group Boulder, CO             July 1997- November 1999

Envisioned plan for WebSphere product line and championed its initial funding and acceptance as a strategy in IBM. Developed and implemented coordinated concept strategy for the WebSphere product line – IBM’s brand for Internet Software. Developed product plans and functional specifications for standard products in the WebSphere family, including a Java based Web Application Server, XML Server, Site Management Server and Personalization Server. Press spokesman for WebSphere brand and IBM Internet Software. Product line exceeded $100 million in sales in its second full calendar year. Managed matrixed teams from 3-100 people in world-wide geography.

  • Designed the high level architecture using Enterprise Java Beans and a common management infrastructure for a unified software family designed for complete Internet capability.
  • Assembled a single unified software strategy from several disparate existing IBM Internet Software products, the strategy launched IBM sales into the Internet segment.
  • Created strategy for “Web-Up” market a new market not currently reached through traditional IBM sales channels.
  • Led IBM team for Open Sourcing of the code of the JSP and Java Servlet portion of the Enterprise Java Bean Specification with Sun Microsystems to the Jakarta part of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Specifying the addition of XML & XSL capabilities to the server product line.

Http Server Product Manager – IBM Software Group

Driving core technical specifications for basic Web Server for the Windows NT, UNIX AS/400 and OS/390 markets.

  • Changed the core focus of the http server within IBM from proprietary servers (GO and WOM) to an open software solution in conjunction with the Open Source Apache Group.
  • Co-architected IBM’s move to the Apache Webserver as the primary IBM Webserver.
  • Speaker at industry conferences showcasing the Internet and Internet commerce. IBM Spokesman for WebServers

Working Groups– IBM Software Group      

Linux and Open Source Strategic – Strategist for the IBM corporate wide core strategy team for Linux and Open Source. Began IBM’s first organized Linux activities including a mailing list and represented outside Linux speaking engagements for IBM. Initiated and led working group with IBM & Sun Microsystems to release the Java Server Page and Servlet specification to the Apache Jakarta project.

Strategic Acquisitions – Participated in the recommendation and technical due diligence task forces for seven separate IBM acquisition teams. Work included identifying and negotiating with potential acquisition companies, as well as writing the technical briefs. 

EDS  Neodata (Acquired by EDS )

Internet Product Manager                 Louisville, Colorado                                    January 1996 – March 1997

Responsible for corporate strategy planning, product specifications, implementing training and new product introductions for the largest fulfillment company in the world. Clients include Wired Magazine, IDG Publications, Ziff-Davis, Time Inc., Simon & Schuster, Nike,US Postal Service and Philip Morris. Managed team of 3 and matrixed 6 EDS employees .

  • Managed introduction and ongoing ramp up of Web commerce site that took over 1,100,000 product orders in last 7 months of 1996 over the Web.
  • Architected process flow for order flow, credit confirmations and customer order acknowledgements into System 390 mainframes directly from Web order forms.
  • Designed functional specifications for extranet that allowed direct supplier update into System 390 mainframes and allowed audited verification.
  • Oversaw the development of call center software used for the personalized response to consumer e-mails direct from call center workstations, with over 250,000 e-mails responded to in first 6 months of call center operation.
  • Developed specific product plans, sales guides and collateral material for new backend Web based product offerings

microsoft   ResNova Software Inc. (Acquired by Microsoft – 1996)

Partner/V.P.    Westminster, Colorado and Huntington Beach, California                                                                                            1994-1997

Built software functional requirements specifications, technical support department as well as indirect sales, distribution channels for a World Wide Web based Collaboration and HTTP Server. Managed from 1-8 employees

  • Hired and trained the technical support department.
  • Managed the alpha and beta testing of over 50 test sites.
  • Developed new distribution channels in Europe, Asia, Canada and throughout the United States.
  • Speaker at major industry trade shows, implemented World Wide Web Site for Company including server design.

InfoPort Inc./Innovative Management Services Inc.

CEO                         Littleton, Colorado                                                                                          1988-1994

An early ISP and BBS offering industry specific information. Managed 6 people. Speaker at Internet and BBS conferences.

  • Built and operated early Denver ISP with over 2,000 users.
  • Designed and operated industry specific Web site & BBS with over 4,000 users.             


University of Colorado, Denver Colorado – MBA – (24 hours complete with 4.0)

University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado – B.A. Economics


National Speaker at tradeshows and conferences on Services Oriented Architectures and Enterprise Software Development as well as Agile and Open Source software development. Worked on industry standards, and products based on the following specifications: SaaS, Docker, SOA,MySQL, Postgres DB,Casandra,Hadoop,MongoDB,Mesos,JSON,REST,HTTP,SOAP,

WebDav,Java,Elasticsearch,JSP,JDBC, XMPP,SAML,AWS,DevOps,Wordpress,Jira,Trello,Subversion,GIT,HTML5,Slack


International Data Corporation (IDC) board of advisors 2008/9. Founding Board Member, Colorado Internet Chamber of Commerce, and Colorado Internet Professionals; Who’s Who in American West; Who’s Who in Young American Professionals; Who’s Who in Information Technology; ex-President two large homeowner associations; Interfraternity Council President and Fraternity President – University of Colorado; Eagle Scout