Delta Upsilon at CU

This will be the page for planning for the 2017 Homecoming for Delta Upsilon brothers from the University of Colorado – any year graduation will be welcome.  The tentative date is October 28th, 2017  which is CU’s official homecoming date.  The Buffs will be playing the California Bears, and we may even have a football team this year again!

So far we have commitments from:

  1. James Barry
  2. Phillip Quintana
  3. Brad Blackwell
  4. Matt McMullen
  5. Bob Gust
  6. Natalio Banchero
  7. Jeff Nichols
  8. Jon Cohen
  9. Randy Sagante
  10. Doug Morten 
  11. Scott Keiling 
  12. Dan Weston

More to come over time.  We’ll start planning when we see who can come and what type of events we should plan. Like do you guys want to bring your spouse/significant other? One thing is for sure, we should laugh a lot telling lies about the old days!

There is a DU at CU Facebook Page, but we have no idea who moderates it and cannot change things that we need.  If you know who owns the page, let me know!

Please drop me a line at is you have questions and want to commit to our party!  You can leave comments on the bottom of the page too.

Here is a picture from the 2016 small homecoming crew: 

In the picture: James Barry, Bob Gust, Paul Novak & Lindy Stockman. 

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