Advisor roles

I am advising several startups, all of which are just beginning to disrupt their focused area.  Denver is becoming quite the breeding ground for startups and my goal is to make sure that we have successful launches of these startups in 2017.

The Level Market  The Level Market   CTO advisor

“Creating a Humanitarian Marketplace for the 21st Century. The world’s first online platform for humanitarian goods.”

iotas-logo  IOTAS Advisor

Smart homes for today’s renters.

Hyprloco   Hyprloco     Advisor

Hyprloco enables realtime location intelligence. Leveraging proximity enabled services, Hyprloco identifies your assets and connects to multiple communication platforms including digital signs, SMS, email, audio, and more!

  Soles   –   Advisor

Soles is an emerging Blockchain company with an initial product of a solar energy trading site.

Ryng   Ryng     CTO advisor

Ryng is a peer to peer low cost communications platform for FreeSwitch and Asterisk business phone PBX systems

DMI   DMI    Advisor

DMI is a new marketplace for business data